Premium Cable CV Cap Upgrade
Premium Cable CV Cap UpgradeBPMC-Premium-Cable-Upgrade-Glitch-art-4BPMC-Premium-Cable-Upgrade-Glitch-art-2BPMC-Dead-Language-Glitch-Art-Resize-5

Premium Cable Upgrade

Premium Cable Upgrade

$ 50.00

Fresh for the 2018.  Make your PC the best it can be.  An affordably priced CV & cap upgrade for the Premium Cable.  Does not include shipping.


Product Description

Features a CV upgrade (one global CV input), a tune up & a capacitor swap.


How it works:  Order now to get a place in line.  I will send you a follow up email with shipping instructions.  Ship your Premium in no earlier than May 20th.  Upgrades attacked in order they are received.  Shipping back to you will be invoiced when order is ready to ship.  One week turnaround.   Customer pays all shipping charges.  Shipping not included in check-out price.


As of April 1st all Premium Cables are shipping with both the CV input and the tune-up cap replacements. A free upgrade (minus shipping) is offered to anybody who has purchased a Premium so far in 2018.


Ask and yee shall receive. People have been hitting me up over the years requesting a CV input of some sorts on the delightful little Premium Cable. It’s not for a lack of CV abilities that I never added one, the same point that feeds four knobs makes a lovely injection point, the issue has always been room. By cutting the trace and reassigning the “titler control” input left over from the circuit’s original functionality I am able to commandeer it for the purposes of accepting CV.  Can’t believe I never noticed it was a 3.5mm jack after all these years, nyuk nyuk.  The CV input responds best to values in the 0-5v range though it will still work in LZX land. You will indeed find that it livens things up a little bit and opens your Premium up to a whole new level of interactivity when feeding it everything from low freq LFOs to LZX rays and ramps to ?!?!?

I figured this would also make an awesome opportunity for Premium Cable owners to get both a tune up and an upgrade. In the past months I started exploring some alternate cap values on the Premium circuit that make ringing/edge feedback easier to access. This has been an issue that a number of people brought up to me and it is true, you often have to work a bit to find the magic knob combinations that unleash chunkier edge feedback. Making this value swap out really improves upon the visual results of the PC. I’ve also see a number of Premium Cables floating around on internet posts that look beyond well-loved. If you’ve got gritty pots or broken knobs the upgrade will include replacing any knobs/pots/switches that may have become compromised over time.

A good portion of my life has been devoted to BPMC (almost ten years) and I want to see these things both be as bad ass as they can be and shine on long after I am gone.

All da best,