Modified MX-1

Modified MX-1

$ 420.00

Classic 4 channel mixer from Videonics gets the Pauper glitchmix treatment.

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Product Description

As supplies have dwindled in the land of Sima and Panasonic mixers over the years I’ve had to look elsewhere for glitch video mixing capabilities.  Enter the Videonics MX1; a 4 channel NTSC composite video mixer with amazing video transitions and effects.  In it’s modified form it becomes a really intriguing addition to the BPMC glitch mixer family.  You’ve got two buses of video to corrupt and I’m pretty delighted by the layout on this one.  You’ve got a sixteen point magnetic patchbay on each channel totaling 32 points of mix n match video obliteration.  The flavor is glorious fractured and erratic in the most digital of veins.  Glitch effects are often complimented by the onboard fx (especially shutter speed which has a way of pacifying all the scrolling chaos).  This machine is pretty much inoperable without the use of an additional display for all the menu functions.  Keep that in mind when making your purchase.


My hesitation with modifying these over the years came from their cheap plastic housing and their well-loved appearance.  People that used these things back in the day really seemed to use them and finding cosmetically clean ones can be a little challenging.  Fortunately with the rubber mat button design there is an extremely low probability of mechanical failure and I’m not replacing push buttons left and right like on the SFX-Ms when they come in.