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SFX-M Glitchmix

SFX-M Glitchmix

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The Machine, the Myth, the Legend.

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RARITY: VERY HIGH. Had a good run with these things but the secret is out.  This item has become increasingly more rare and inaccessibly expensive to obtain. If not in stock please follow BPMC on IG & FB for availability notifications.


Features:  6 wipe-shaping CV inputs with attenuation, a 9 knob patchbay on channel A, 5 additional magnetic switch effects & 6 additional wipe shaping controls.


Paup! Paup! *shots fired*  This thing is a beast.  The same way I feel the LZX Vidiot is a terrific starting point for video synthesis I feel that the SFX-M Glitchmix is a fantastic starting point for getting into hardware based glitch video production.  The SFX-M in it’s unmodified form offers it’s users a really strong foundation.  It’s a two channel composite video mixer with fantastic frame synchronization (for seamlessly working with analog glitch video sources like a TBC), a lot of unique onboard features (like keying and wipe-shaping via a fader) and a gritty visual aesthetic charm.  It was produced in a fairly short window of time using what was then becoming out-dated and expensive technology in the early 90s.  In comparison to it’s successor, the SFX-9, and it’s competitor, the AVE5, the SFX-M feels and looks a lot warmer.

The SFX-M’s controls are tactile and it’s results are, for the lack of a better descriptor, very analog.  It has a number of useful channel effects (strobe, paint, negative), it produces beautiful video feedback (manipulated to-the-max with something like a Premium Cable in the feedback chain) and has a limited but curious assortment of wipe effects.  I know I mentioned it earlier but it bares repeating…. the luma key features are really lovely.


The modifications add a number of stack-able channel processing effects.  You’ve essentially got two zones; color processing effects and digital corruption effects.  The color processing effects give you an assortment of bold color inversions and skews both dreamy and aggressive.  The digital corruption effects are a weird blend of the familiar and the unique-to-this-machine.  A number of effects segment and divide the screen up both horizontally and vertically.  A number of the effects also produce this truly glorious green hyper-space of divine wisdom and bliss.  I’m trying to highlight this look more in the videos to come as it is so strange and lovely (and has gone previously rather undocumented).  People need to be on this shit!


New to this revision are the addition of attenuatable CV inputs for wipe control and a magnet-selectable wipe corruption section.  The CV inputs respond best to voltages in between 2v and 5v so LZX users will have to Bridge up their signal but I’m really excited about finally offering this up to BPMC users (for years I was selfishly keeping it to myself, hehe).  The inputs benefit best from oscillators and LFOs as one would imagine.  Running an LZX system patch into the SFX-M and then utilizing the wipe corruptions is like (my idea of) heaven on earth.


Note:  The channels on the SFX-M are a little noisy to begin with.  While wiring in to the glitch effects do not give rise to much channel noise it does give rise to a some.  If looking for a clean and pristine glitch video experience please look elsewhere.



Additional information


NTSC only.


Composite video (RCA).


Ships with 110-240V power supply with American plug. International users will have to adapt the plug.


Projector friendly. No drop-out. Does not require the use of a Time Base Correction Unit as it contains frame sync. Damn good ones might I add.

International Orders:

For use with PAL systems you will need a PAL to NTSC conversion device.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device. FOR REALZZZ!


Unit & power supply.