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Fritz Decontroller v2

Fritz Decontroller v2

OOP.  No longer in production as of 2018.


Product Description

The Fritz Decontroller V2 is slick little titler & glitch FX processor based on a circuit variant from the mighty Titlemaker series from Videonics.  They essentially ported over the same hardware from the 2000 to this, the 3000, and upgraded the onboard fonts giving you an explosive amount of features for analog video titling.  It can process video, it can overlay text and it can sequence pages of rather elaborate titles.  It’s build is pretty interesting too with no onboard controls and a cute little front-loading detachable keyboard. 


You have an unbelievable amount of top notch glitch video effects as a result of this thing’s 20 point magnetic patchbay (outer points are simply magnet docks).  There are two main point-sets (groupings of two dots) to tap into and 18 sub points that feed off of the mains.  Combining multiple point-sets with multiple magnets creates the effects.  You’ve got a surprisingly versatile and vast swath of signal processing effects at your fingertips.  While I chose not to wire in to any text corruption effects the effects do act globally blanketing both the signal and the text.  Also worth noting that while there is some modified effects crossover between the original Fritz Decontroller, the Dead Language v3 & this unit I have done my best to differentiate this beast from the rest.