BPMC Touch Deluxe

BPMC Touch Deluxe

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Controls that squeeze every ounce of energy out of the SK1 of glitch video.

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Product Description

This device is no longer for sale.  Please see the new revised BPMC Touch.


The most comprehensive modified wj-ave in my arsenal. Also my personal favorite piece of BPMC kit.  There is just so much you can do with it!  The Touch Deluxe functions as a glitch video fx processor, audio visualizer & video synthesizer. With the addition of a durable little patchable control box (complete with knobs & body contacts) maximum glitch functionality has been extracted from the AVE’s digital frame buffer.  The Touch Deluxe also sees the addition of four new digital feedback & noise effects.  It’s nice to know that after years of working on these things new FX can still be found.

These machines in their un-modifed state are reliably dope. They have great standard onboard effects, a superimpose layer and a really handy color corrector. In it’s modified state it is a whole other beast. There really is nothing better within the realm of modified video equipment. The onboard features help you further concoct looks by throwing strobe, mosaic, negative, superimpose, keying and a variable “art” effect in to the mix. It also features a solid color correction section and a keyable input for the optional WJ series Glitch Titler available from BPMC.

While the Touch Deluxe does not contain a TBC unit, the unit creates no analog distortions thus rendering it safe from blue screen/dropout when interfacing with a projector.