BPMC is a one man show. Email updates and correspondences can take me a while to return. I am doing my best to balance customer service with diligently working on orders.

    Currently all hand-modified orders will take longer than ONE MONTH before they ship. Rush jobs are not available. Manufactured items typically ship within 72 hours. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.


    Q: How many folks work at BPMC?
    A: BPMC is just one lone weirdo in an overpriced Portland studio banging his head against a wall. I return the emails, I build the gear, and I do the social medias. Every year I keep saying I’ll hire someone to help with something but until then it’s just me keeping the ship afloat.

    Q: What is the current wait time on an order if I placed it today?
    A: Fluxus DUOs aside (which ship in roughly 72 hours) orders take a month or more to ship. This can vary and I do my best to get things out sooner rather than later but 2021 ushered in some parts supply chain issues and an insurgence of new video artists so there tends to be a little bit of a wait.

    Q: I’ve got a very important deadline and I’d like to buy a machine. Can you accommodate?
    A: If a deadline is afoot please contact me directly to see if we’ll realistically be able to hit it.

    Q: My order was delivered but something happened and it was either stolen or mis-delivered. What can you do?
    A: While I am extremely sympathetic to your plight there is not a lot BPMC can do in this situation. My most useful form of recourse is that I can verify with you via screenshots all the shipping details on my end to make sure I did not make an error. If I can be of assistance in any way contacting USPS please let me know.

    Q: My international order is being held in customs. What can I do?
    A: Unfortunately this usually means playing the waiting game. All orders include customer contact information forwarded along with the postal service so that they have all the materials they need to contact you should something be afoot.

    Q: My international order has stopped updating on the tracking. What gives?
    A: International tracking via USPS is typically quite spotty. It often stops at the port of international exit or entry. This does not mean that anything has happened to your package per say.

    Q: Do you ship to my country?
    A: Yes! BPMC ships to all countries.

    Q: I received my order but it came in a worn ass box with ebay stickers all over it and was full of shredded papers. I ordered a pedal from X the other day and it was packed with nice fresh packing materials. What gives?
    A: Recycling in this country is a broken and inefficient system so I re-use the majority of the packing materials I acquire. While it makes for an ugly shopping experience re-using post-consumer waste helps me sleep at night and is part of the BPMC ethos.

    Q: I’d like to get into circuit bending video but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me get started?
    A: My top recommendation would be to keep up with the BPMC youtube account where I will be posting tutorials and handy gear guides for video artists of all stars n stripes.

    Q: How do I modify (insert device here) myself?
    A: I’ve got an across board policy where if I can’t open source something for everybody and put the time and the effort in required to give folks the best fighting chance of preserving a device than I do not divulge modification information. Once again, I will be moving my tutorial series to the BPMC youtube and open sourcing a number of devices for your building fun and pleasure.