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Premium Cable

Premium Cable

$ 340.00

BPMC’s defacto analog glitch video processor.  Now in very limited supply.

Out of stock

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RARITY: MEDIUM-HIGH. The circuit this is based off of has almost gone extinct.  It’s become increasingly more frequent that this item is simply not available.  While rare it’s not quite as rare as the Basic Cable circuit.  If item is unavailable please follow BPMC on IG & FB for availability notifications.


Features: 10 FX knobs, 2 Body Contacts & a CV input.


The Premium Cable is a custom modified analog glitch swiss army knife capable of sync corruptions, ringing/edge feedback, neon outline effects & rich blur effects.  It is a glitch video utility that covers a lot of ground.  Each knob stands on it’s own as a unique effect with some more subtle than others.  However, combining knobs reveals a whole wild and whacky world of broken beauty.  Some of my favorite effects are buried pretty deep in there including some of grittiest ringing you’ll find in BPMC-land.  You’ll also find that the Premium Cable works well as a mixer feedback processing tool.


Whether you are just getting started in hardware based glitch video or are looking for a new tool to spice things up the Premium Cable does not disappoint. Each Premium Cable is hand-modified & self-hacked with care.  I do my best to keep the Premium as uniform as possible  but each Cable is it’s own unique machine.


INTERNATIONAL USERS:  Premium Cable ships with a 110/220v power supply and does not need an NTSC/PAL conversion device as long as you are either going NTSC>>NTSC or PAL>>PAL.


USER MANUAL:  Download and view the Premium Cable User Manual.



Additional information



For best results:

Use with a CRT TV.


Composite video (RCA)


DC 12v power supply. 110v.

International Orders:

For use with PAL systems you will need a PAL to NTSC conversion device.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device.


Requires the use of a Time Based Correction unit for stable results with certain devices. Projectors for sure. For most stable results use a CRTV.


Manual & power supply.

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