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Presenting the Fluxus analog glitch video fx processor & audio visualization device.





The Fluxus is a stand alone analog glitch video fx processor that produces a vast swath of expressive sync corruption & edge feedback effects.  It can find the 3rd eye on your VCR, DVD player, laptop (digital to analog converter required) or live camera and hook it up to the 3rd rail… for explosive video art transcendence.  From subtle tracers to face crushing destabilization effects there are many lofi video moods to explore.  The Fluxus is both audio reactive & control voltage reactive opening it up for VJ use, performance use & eurorack use.  Hone in on an interesting look and then inject a little audio/cv into the mix to for visual synchronicity.


Features: Six fx knobs with 2 modes of operation.

Two 3.5mm inputs. They both respond to CV. One functions as an audio in.

All analog, no digital components.

Standard Definition glitch video. RCA In/Out.

Ships with power supply, 9v battery adapter & a manual link.


SAVE A TV!!  High definition is cool n’ all but the Fluxus was designed for use with CRT televisions.  Not only that but it is a solid investment in video art.  While it may produce interesting results with other display devices you get the best results on a good old fashioned boob tube.  If looking to utilize the Fluxus with HD and projectors I recommend pointing a DSLR camera at a CRT or utilizing a video mixer with a TBC.


The Fluxus is NTSC, runs on a 9V battery/wall supply and supports standard definition composite (RCA) video only.



Additional information


NTSC Only. PAL usage will require a converter.


Included power supply.

TBC Requirement:

TBC required for stable projector usage.

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