BPMC Modified AVE5

BPMC Modified AVE5

$ 720.00

A powerful glitch video workstation.  Design fresh for the twenty seventeen. Now all FX are under one hood.

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Product Description

An all in one glitch video production studio.” The Modified WJ-Ave5 allows you to transition between two independently glitching channels of composite video in response to subtle human touch, contro voltage, knobs, audio or a magnetic patchbay”


Features: 5 glitch knobs per channel, 5 body contacts per channel, 1 CV input per channel, 3 magnetic patches per channel.

The modified WJ-AVE5 is a two channel NTSC composite video mixer with added digital corruption functionality.  It’s a serious mega-gift from the glitch gods and it never ceases to amaze me. These mixers in their unmodified state are traditionally quite reliable.  They have on-board effects, multiple wipe modes/shapes, multiple video outs, time base correction and a superimpose layer that works well with the Touch Titler.  It’s modified state propels it forward into a whole other universe.  The AVE5 has gone through various incarnations and I believe the latest here to be the greatest.  Here I’ve wired up damned near all the fury the WJ offers via 10 total sets of body contacts, ten knobs and a magnetic patchbay.  Glitch visuals include a number of digital fragmentation FX specific to the AVE3/5/7 FX buffer.


This machine was crafted with a lot of time and care.  Not only do I do my best to make sure these machines are in tip top working order before I start working on them (balancing trim pot values, structural re-enforcement, lubricating sliders, etc) but the modification process is done with the utmost care and attention to detail.  I use quality parts & leave all original functionality intact.


NOTE:  A dedicated external mixer is necessary for optimal audio amplification if intending to use the audio impulse feature.  Best to lock that in and keep your setup self contained before you start gigging with this thing.  I use a small Behringer XENY mixer (they make 2 and 4 channel versions) due to their size and affordability.  This is a highly recommended purchase as the AVE5 requires quite a bit of signal amplification to see the glitch visuals.  It’s also nice to filter things down to the lows.





Additional Information


Manual & Three Composite Video Cables.




Composite video (RCA) & SVHS.




Projector friendly. No drop-out. Item has Time Based Correction.

International Orders:

For use with PAL systems you will need a PAL to NTSC conversion device. For use with 220v you will need a step up/down conversion device.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device.


Requires the use of an audio mixer to boost the audio signal for audio visualization mode. I use a cheap little Behringer XENY mixer.