Video Nasty

Video Nasty

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The newest hi-tech video crime to grace the BPMC arsenal of glitch video fx processors.

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To avoid moral panic, keep repeating, they were only movies, they were only movies.  As the world’s supply of Premium & Basic Cable goes belly up we enter the old-new age of the mutherfrugging Video Nasty.  What better to process your UK copy of Driller Killer through?  Or are you more of a Cannibal Ferox kind of collector, you sick bastard!


The Video Nasty is a dual source switchable dual-format (NTSC & PAL) glitch video effects processor with emphasis on CV and audio visualization features.  This is an old standard and I did my best to flip it for the twenty twenty.  It’s truly a beast at creating the ringing effects you darned IG kids are all going crazy for with your tik toks and your video chatrooms!!!  There was not a lot of space to work with here, and I’m not a fan of controls coming out of the sides, so I disabled a number of the cheesy onboard audio mixing features and utilized their controls for video processing goodness.  It helps keep it tidy and removes some of the fat.  Aside from that it’s an assortment of magnet based switches that modify the flavor and add a little variability to things..  The bulk of the effects stem from utilizing the enhance feature in conjunction with the glitch effects.  The buffered vactrol CV input means we are cleanly able to hijack the enhance knob and control it with any 0-5v CV source.  You can also switch control over to an internal oscillation source (which I’ve once again added some additional circuitry to create).


I hope to have this pre-order up shortly once we all caught up over here.  And by we I mean me in my underwear, some stuffed animals I talk to and the plastic dust that’s slowly killing me.