Lil’ Wizard

Lil’ Wizard

Both a great intro to analog glitch video and a useful tool for your video corruption rig.

Product Description

With the introduction of the limited edition accessibly priced Lil’ Wizard there has never been a better time to break video.  The Lil’ Wizard is an (absurdly) compact analog two channel standard definition composite video glitch switcher & crusher for all your broken video art needs.  It’s both an excellent glitch video starting point and a useful tool to pair with other glitch video devices.  Each switch produces either a gritty sync corruption effect or a colorful low fidelity illustrative look.  Combine switches with one another for nasty effect variations.  A channel mash switch haphazardly blends the Lil’ Wizard’s two channels in an artfully broken manner.  Combine the channel mash switch with the other switch FX for gorgeous broken blends.  The Lil’ Wizard is limited to only sixty units, is INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY (see stats below you PAL-sters) and comes meticulously mutated by Big Pauper.


2 Inputs. 1 output.
2 Source switcher.
Nothing but analog goodness.

Six stackable glitch switches.
Broken channel blends.
RCA/BNC switchable.
Tiny & lightweight.
NTSC/PAL compatible.
110/220v compatible.
Includes 3 BNC adaptors.


Operational notes:
The Lil’ Wizard displays best on a CRT TV.
Requires a TBC for stable projector/capture device use.
For more on getting the most out of this device please check out the
Guide to Getting Started With Glitch Video.



Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

2 Channels. Switchable, non-mixable.


NTSC Composite video. Standard Definition.


3 BNC connectors. Included are BNC to RCA adapters.


Covers unit itself. Items not covered are power supply & BNC adapters.


110v only! 12v 300ma.

International Users:

BPMC cannot be held responsible for the improper powering of this device.


Time Base Correction is required for stable use with projectors & some video capture cards.

Return Policy:

No returns. All sales final.

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