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Limited Edition hand-modified analog glitch video goodness.

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Product Description

The limited edition (60) Zola analog glitch video FX processor offers it’s users a gritty new visual landscape.  Picking up where the Lil Wizard left off the Zola does a splendid job of artfully destroying your composite video signal into a vivid spectrum of blissful analog glitch.  The Zola specializes in an assortment of brooding illustrative looks, edge feedback and sync corruption without treading the same territory explored by any other BPMC glitch video tools currently in production.  The Zola is deceptively simple.  The large knob is actually an 11-setting rotary switch.  The left and right knobs are parameters that vary the primary effect and the bottom knob allows you to dirty-mix a second source in… in combination with the glitch’in.


Each Zola comes hand destroyed and assembled by the Big pauper in Portland, OR.  BPMC is on the cusp of going the manufactured route so this is one of your last chances to get that straight hand-modified analog glitch flavor.