Basic Cable

Basic Cable

$ 239.00

Classic analog glitch video fx processor.  Grab one while you can.

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Product Description

RARITY:  HIGH.  This item is not often in stock.  It’s 2020 and circuit supply has all but dried up.  Every now and then I  still stumble upon one and if I do I will take to social media to share it’s availability.  Please follow BPMC on IG & FB for availability notifications.


Features: 6 FX knobs, 1 MODE switch & 2 Body Contacts.


The Basic Cable is no mere introduction to analog glitch video.  Within it’s six knobs are enough filthy lo-fi looks to keep you in a constant state of visual degradation.  Based off of Knobs feed off of each other and the body contacts tend to degrade or at times amplify an effect. The body contacts strengthen the organic intent of the machine by letting you breath a little into the circuit.  The Basic Cable has a neon edges knob, two edge feedback knobs, two sync corruption knobs, and a black fill knob.  Combinations of these knobs create wild new blends.


Each Basic Cable is hand-modified & self-hacked with care.  These are constructed from post-consumer waste and can sometimes contain signs of wear and tear.  While the Basic Cable is upcycled technology all components utilized (knobs, caps, switches etc) are brand new.


INTERNATIONAL USERS:  Basic Cable ships with a 110/220v power supply and does not need an NTSC/PAL conversion device as long as you are either going NTSC>>NTSC or PAL>>PAL.


Additional Information



For best results:

Use with a CRT TV.


Composite video (RCA) & SVHS. Note that Svideo is not consistent from unit to unit. Some variations of the Basic Cable circuit do not have s-video. If you absolutely must have S-video please notify me.


DC 12v power supply.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device.


Power supply.


Requires the use of a Time Based Correction unit for stable results with projectors and LCD TVs and some mixers. For the most stable results use a CRTV.

Revision note:

Effects may vary from machine to machine. The Basic Cable relies upon a circuit that exists in many revisions. I do my best to keep each Basic Cable uniform but there are some fluctuations from machine to machine.