Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik

Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik

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Hands down my favorite consumer grade video circuit of all time.

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RARITY:  HIGH.  This item is not often in stock.  It’s 2020 and circuit supply has all but dried up.  Every now and then I  still stumble upon one and if I do I will take to social media to share it’s availability.  Please follow BPMC on IG & FB for availability notifications.


The BPMC Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik (from hence forth referred to as the BSSVPM) is based on the uber-rare Video Pro Magic from Sima.  They were in production for only about a year and generally panned by it’s consumer base as well as the internet (don’t read the comments Sima lovers, youtubers can be so cruel).  I had been hoarding these little boxes from 2011 to 2017  and only came up with ten.  What makes the Video Pro Magic so special?  Well essentially it’s like a little frame buffer in a box.  It converts your analog video signal in to digital (thus offering you a slew of basic effects like STROBE, PAINT, MOSAIC, NEGATIVE & 2×2/3×3 SPLIT SCREEN) and then back in to analog video.  Due to the technological limitations of the day the effects are exquisitely grainy and suffer from a lovable amount of latency (making it great for dream pop and ambient videos).


In it’s modified form the true beauty of the Video Pro Magic shine-ith forth and the BSSVPM  exits the Pauper Womb.™  Activate one of the onboard effects (such as STROBE, PAINT or SPLIT SCREEN) and you’ve got a lovely assortment of digital corruption & color overlays at your fingertips.  The corruption effects are truly one-of-a-kind and strongly resemble scratched VCD bootlegs.  I’ve never seen anything else like it in glitch hardware or software.  A number of the color overlay effects are artfully destabilized and reveal your real-time underlay.  I went the magnetic patchbay approach on this guy and you’ve got 4 patchable knobs as well as 4 hard-wired fx knobs at your disposal. Video wall users take note as the split screen options output evenly to 2×2 and 3×3 controllers.  Super fruggin dope!  Easily my favorite consumer video circuit of all time.

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Composite video (RCA). S-video.



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