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Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik

Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik

Limited Edition of Ten.  Pauper’s pick for coolest video circuit of all time.

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Product Description

Note:  Device is sold out and out of production.


The BPMC Blood Sugar Sex Video Pro Magik (from hence forth referred to as the BSSVPM) is based on the uber-rare Video Pro Magic from Sima.  They were in production for only about a year and generally panned by it’s consumer base as well as the internet (don’t read the comments Sima lovers, youtubers can be so cruel).  I’ve been hoarding these little boxes since 2011 and still only have ten in my possession.  What makes the Video Pro Magic so special?  Well essentially it’s like a little frame buffer in a box.  It converts your analog video signal in to digital (thus offering you a slew of basic effects like STROBE, PAINT, MOSAIC, NEGATIVE & 2×2/3×3 SPLIT SCREEN) and then back in to analog video.  Due to the technological limitations of the day the effects are exquisitely grainy and suffer from a lovable amount of latency (making it great for dream pop and ambient videos).


In it’s modified form the true beauty of the Video Pro Magic shine-ith forth and the BSSVPM  exits the Pauper Womb.™  Activate one of the onboard effects (such as STROBE, PAINT or SPLIT SCREEN) and you’ve got a lovely assortment of digital corruption & color overlays at your fingertips.  The corruption effects are truly one-of-a-kind and strongly resemble scratched VCD bootlegs.  I’ve never seen anything else like it in glitch hardware or software.  A number of the color overlay effects are artfully destabilized and reveal your real-time underlay.  I went the magnetic patchbay approach on this guy and you’ve got 4 patchable knobs as well as 4 hard-wired fx knobs at your disposal. Video wall users take note as the split screen options output evenly to 2×2 and 3×3 controllers.  Super fruggin dope!  They won’t be around for long and sadly when they are gone, they are gone.  🙁

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Composite video (RCA). S-video.



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