SFX-9 Glitchmix

SFX-9 Glitchmix

$ 740.00

A most curious 2 channel glitch mixer/slicer/dicer of king ghidorah-like proportions.

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Product Description

NOTE:  DESIGN MAY VARY.  MODEL MAY VARY TOO (Now shipping whatever model I can get my hands on.  SFX9, SFX10 & EVEN SFX11).


Worldwide!!  Selectable NTSC, PAL, SECAM.  Also features Dual TBC action.


Note about uniformity:  I do my best to keep the devices I sell uniform from unit to unit but this is one device where that is a real challenge.  Many hardware/firmware revisions exist of each SFX and I never know what I am going to get until I open it up.  No model is better than another.  All SFX mixers run rampant with supreme glitch beauty.  The effects I wire into and the design layout varies in order to roll with the hardware punches.  Please place your order understanding that whatever SFX shows up at your door I’ve done my best to make you a quality machine.  By pressing the buy-it-now button you are entrusting me to use my best glitch judgment in the design of your SFX.


Note about strategy:  There is a technique to using this machine that I highlight in the videos below.  Often times I am doubling up one signal (via the monitor out feature), rendering one channel negative (utilizing the onboard effects) and wiping between the two channels utilizing added wipe corruption effects.  Obviously you can use the wipe corruption effects with two different signals but rarely do I seem to do that in the demo videos below.


The SFX-9 Glitchmix is my personal secret weapon.  This modified two channel video mixer has a lot of unique experimental video possibilities. While it’s an awesome standard definition mixer on it’s own (light-weight, lots of wipe patterns & simple design) it really shines with a little brain salad surgery.  They are actually still in production strangely (you may by one new for 500-800 bucks, yikes!).   The added effects vary. There is a lot of wipe play here, quite a few of the added effects knobs re-shape the wipes and render the process of “wiping” stuttered & skewed.  This is for creating fragmented juxtapositions of your 2 sources.


My favorite settings tap in to internal feedback and allow you to synthesize ambient landscapes. Being that the circuitry is new (they are still in production strangely enough) the effects expose it’s cruel digital inner-workings, most closely resembling the modern digital tv/computer-based datamoshing look. There are traces of the 80’s here but for the most part those soft and gentler times are behind use. Welcome to the cold hard bell-curve of exponential technological growth.



Additional Information




Composite video (RCA) & SVHS.




Projector friendly. No drop-out. Does not require the use of a Time Based Correction Unit.

International Orders:

For use with PAL systems you will need a PAL to NTSC conversion device. For use with 220v you will need a step up/down conversion device.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device.

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