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Fluxus DIY Construction Kit

Fluxus DIY Construction Kit

The Fluxus glitch video effects processor Construction Kit.  Build your own analog glitch video rubik’s cube.

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Product Description



The Fluxus Contruction Kit is for hands-on D-I-Y types looking to experiment within the hyper-lysergic world of analog glitch video circuitry.  The assembly of this kit provides you with a fully functioning Fluxus video FX processor complete with CV input, audio input & customization options.  Detailed instructions guide you through a relatively straight forward build process.  The Fluxus Construction Kit is the first in a series of D-I-Y PCB releases from BPMC.


The kit ships with everything you need to get your Fluxus up and running shy a soldering iron, solder & a television.  The Fluxus has 58 components including six knobs, 5 jacks & 2 switches.  The kit includes a DC to 9V adapter to facilitate safe wall-free power while you experiment.  Rubber feet are also provided to give your Fluxus a firm footing should you decide to take it out on the town.  Clear Davies knobs are also provided to aid in accurate knob twiddling.


The Fluxus kit does not ship with a case and can be built self-contained on the PCB or wired out to an enclosure of your choosing.  I have no recommended enclosure for this build.


SAVE A TV!!  High definition this-and-that is cool n’ all but the Fluxus was designed for use with CRT televisions.  While it may produce interesting results with other display devices the results shine brightest on a good old fashioned boob tube.  If looking to utilize the Fluxus with HD and projectors I recommend pointing a DSLR camera at a CRT.


The Fluxus is NTSC/PAL compatible, runs on a 9V battery and supports standard definition composite (RCA) video only.


BPMC DIY warning:  Build at your own risk.  BPMC cannot be held responsible for damage incurred as a result of the improper construction of this kit.  Replacement components cannot be sourced thru BPMC.  


Additional Information


NTSC & PAL compatible.


Included 9v adapter. Battery not included.

TBC requirment:

TBC required for stable projector usage.

Build difficulty:

Easy to moderate.

Build requirements:

Solder, flux paste (always highly recommended), snippers & a soldering iron. Your own wire is necessary if choosing to wire out to your own enclosure.