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$ 500.00 $ 400.00

One-of-a-kind control voltage fueled digital video corruption & glitch synthesis.

Product Description

Features: 7 control knobs, 9 CV inputs & 2 joystick inputs.
Note:  Knob & fader color may vary.


I’ve been meaning to do this for years.  The BPMC Touch has been stripped of it’s touch (thus really just rendering it a WJ-AVE3) and given the gift of control voltage.  If you are a modular synth user looking to get visual then look no further.  The AVE CV gives you an astonishing array of jaw-dropping-ly unique digital glitch corruption effects and an equally astonishing amount of control possibilities (limited only by your modular setup).  This is the sort of machine you can get lost in for-fucking-ever.  Utilizing an input source (computer, VCR, camera, etc) the AVE CV has the ability to mangle, fragment, distort & modulate your signal into fantastic realms of DMT-addled machine elf babble.


In my own modular CV experimentation I have been able to sculpt looks unseen & impossible on any other AVE3/Touch model.  I’ve had the most fun plugging function generators & sequencers into the AVE CV.  I’ve got a couple of the Make Noise “Maths” modules lying around and those produce some really incredible results.  The Touch CV has not been tested with any LZX systems outside of pre/post modular video processing.


If CV fueled effects aren’t enough (or always possible), the AVE CV also has alternate methods of glitch functionality.  Using any of the seven knobs you are able to concoct all sorts of unique synthesized error landscapes sans-CV.  The knobs function by combination.  The AVE CV also has the ability to operate as the other Touch models do; by incorporating an incoming audio signal.  By plugging in a well-amplified audio source (RCA) to the AVE CV you can throb, bob, weave, pulse n’ puree your glitch fx to the fluctuations in your incoming decibel level.  The knobs are fed your audio signal thus hijacking their normal mode of operation.


The price, aside from the modification process, reflects the obscurity of the device.  There are a very limited number of AVE3s left in the world.  Only a handful of veejays & artists will be able to possess & utilize one.  It can be months between scores.  I have depleted all known Panasonic deadstock leads and am simply relying on online auctions, one-on-one sales & chance.  Wish me luck.


CV implemented at users risk/discretion.  Ave3 condition varies in between a 6-9/10.  Some scuffs, scratches & dings may be present.



Additional Information


NTSC. PAL usage will require a converter.


Composite video (RCA) & SVHS.


110V. Use with 220v power will require a step-up converter.


Projector friendly. No drop-out. Does not require the use of a Time Based Correction Unit.

International Orders:

If you are interested in purchasing this item please contact me to request an invoice.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device. BPMC is also not responsible for customs hold-ups, damage incurred in transit & varied results under PAL/SECAM formats.



CV Warning:

Customers use CV modules & other video/audio equipment at their own risk. BPMC cannot be held responsible for issues pertaining to, or brought upon by, other modules.