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Modified Edirol V4

Modified Edirol V4

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Roland’s flagship composite 4 channel composite video mixer…. ruined.

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RARITY: MEDIUM. While not rare per say scarcity of WORKING V4s has increased over the last two years and I’m finding it more challenging to source clean ones in good cosmetic condition. Please follow BPMC on IG  for availability notifications.


FEATURES: 9 glitch video processing knobs per channel (18 in total).  3 light-up pushbutton based effects.


Pauper strikes again!  It’s the BPMC take on the ever-popular Edirol v4 four channel composite video mixer.  This is the defacto best composite video mixer I’ve ever used.   So many great features in one box.  It produces really lovely video feedback, the onboard effects are all choice (especially the mirror effect), it’s construction is really solid, the t-bar is super smooth, the option to use four inputs is awesome and it seems to have a lot of handy user preset stuff you can save in to memory.  And don’t even get me started on the BPM synced wipe oscillation feature!  Woof!


Space inside is limited but with the BPMC V4 I’ve added a series of nine corruption knobs per channel and a smathering of interesting pushbutton based looks on the front of the unit (three total… not four… not six…. it has changed a bit).  The corruption knobs work by turning one up and then feeding another knob in.  They offer unique and often unpredictable digital buffer ruptures that resemble datamoshing a bit.  Care was taken to cull the most interesting possible combinations and cover the widest rage of effects.  I also wired into some different points for each channel as to add a little extra spice between channels.  The front pushbuttons, aside from lighting up your studio with a soft milky glow, offer some unique looks.  The Channel A bank expands upon the colorize features in curious psychedelic ways.  The Channel B bank is where the real HEAT is stashed.  I’ve added two luma trails options… which is fantastic!  They are very source dependent, meaning the effects benefit best from certain colors and brightness, so bare this in mind when working with the machine.  Mixer still functions normally.  No functionality is lost.


The V4 was a joy to decipher but is an absolute HOO HA to wire up.  The cost reflects both the going used market value of sourcing NICE v4s (non-beaters), the financial risk associated with ruining one and the time it takes to get ‘er all done.


The only downside of this mixer, brought up by a number of customers over the years, is that the time base correction drops signal for some circuit bent effects on other machines.  It’s the only video mixer I have encountered that does this A LOT. There is no bypassing it other than to use a TBC from your glitch gear running into the v4.  Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.


Latest manual:    Click Here (2017).

Original ROLAND manual:  Click here.



Additional information




Composite video (RCA).




Projector friendly. No drop-out. Does not require the use of a Time Based Correction Unit to safely display it's effects. However, it should be noted that you will need a TBC to use other glitch gear with this machine. So the post for more details.

International Orders:

Unit boots up in PAL and includes a 220v power supply.

International liabilities:

BPMC is not responsible for damage incurred as a result of improperly powering this device.